Industrial Photography Collection

This image is part of DeepEarth's Industrial collection.   The darker, dystopian tones in these works reflect the reality around us and our uncertain future.  Typified by isolated tech noir components, focusing on the mechanical, and using highly defined composition and lighting elements, Industrial challenges the viewer to consider not only what the image represents, but also why it does so.

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Artist's Statement:
I never intended to create this collection.  I have always had a strong idea of the direction I want my shooting to take me - and the statements I have made to myself have never said "look at the dark side of the world."  Somehow, I find a strong percentage of what I bring home has these strong, technical, dark, pessimistic elements, and they tend to be some of my more expressive work. How I look at and render a scene in the camera is somehow influenced by my background, my feelings about the world and our possible futures.  Years ago my sketching and writing seemed to be influenced by the likes of Giger and Antonov; as strange as it may sound that writing can reflect visual art.  Apparently something is still inside, trying to come out, trying to tell me something as well.

Kelly Bates, Photographer
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