Purchasing Images from DeepEarth

There are four ways to purchase images from DeepEarth Photography:

Type: Limited Edition Prints Notecards & Puzzles Photo Usage Agreements Assignment Photography
Primarily suited for: Individual Collectors, Consumers, Businesses, and Government Consumers Media & Media Designers Businesses & Government, Media Sources

Limited edition prints are single prints of DeepEarth images. These can be printed and framed in a variety of ways and are available in sizes from 4"x6" to room-filling panoramic images up to 120" in height or width. Corporate artwork packages and consultation are available for business clients. Government customers are welcome.

Designing a magazine or webzine and need images? Developing advertising materials for your business? Illustrating a textbook? Or perhaps simply looking for a background image for your company's website? The various Photo Usage Agreements that we offer may be right for you.

Finally, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for in the galleries here or want a specific type of image from a destination or site, DeepEarth is also available for Assignment Photography work. Government customers are welcome.

Kelly Bates, Photographer
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