Sales Tax Collection Policy

DeepEarth is required to collect sales tax on all sales of tangible personal property within the State of Colorado, where Colorado defines the sale of data downloaded over the internet to be tangible personal property. The tax rates used for in-state residents/organizations purchasing from DeepEarth are 5.1% (state, county, and levied taxes), and an additional 3.0% city tax for residents of Littleton, Colorado (zip codes 80120-80130, 80160-80163, and 80165-80166).

Residents of other tax jurisdictions than Littleton and/or Colorado are advised that, while sales tax is not collected at the time of sale, you may be liable to pay your local jurisdiction(s) a use tax based on the transfer of personal property. The definitions of tangible personal property and tax rates vary by location; please consult a tax attorney for more information.

Shipping Policy

All shipping of artwork is calculated at actual cost. Costs calculated by PayPal for notecards and puzzles are for US shipping only. Out-of-country shipping may require an additional shipping fee to be assessed. Non-US customers are encouraged to request custom quotations.

Kelly Bates, Photographer
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